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" Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

~  Mark Twain

I not only believe these words,

but am so fortunate to be able to live

them daily ...

My name is Michael Krakosky, owner of Midwest-Excelsior ...

My journey started in the mid 90's when i found myself working for a company called Kens Casuals, who i believe, was the first and only company in Michigan at that time, refinishing pool and patio furniture.

Now before working at Kens, i never new that you could have your pool furniture repaired, my thoughts were, if the vinyl straps are discolored, frames chipped or broken you discard and buy new,  now i guess you could, but what i came to realize is, for a fraction of the cost, you can have your pool furniture repaired and refinished, and the end result ... Like New!

It was Kens Casuals that laid the ground work for who i, and Midwest-Excelsior would eventually  become in this business, i learned so much from it's owner Ken, the ins and outs of furniture and umbrella repair,  how to problem solve, the value of hard work and no matter what ... get the job done, and done to the best of your abilities. ..  Thank you Ken!


In 2006, after being out of the business for a few years pursuing other avenues, i decided i wanted to get back to the business that i know well and enjoyed, i contacted a friend who i worked with at Kens, and we decided to try our hand at our own business,

M&R Refinishing ...

It was with M&R Refinishing that i was able to hone my work skills, and, although it took some time, and was a bit rocky from time to time, i learned what it takes .. "behind the scenes", so to speak, to operate your own business.

Owning my own business afforded me the opportunity to do the things i wanted and what i thought would best serve our customer base .. there was a sort of freedom.

With M&R, i was able to start our on-site re-strapping and repair service, something i always wanted to do, and thought would be great service to our customers, again, this too was a bit rocky to start as with any new venture, but in the coming years it would fall into place perfectly.

Things were indeed falling into place, but M&R wasn't to be my final stop on this journey,  In 2010 my partner had to leave the business and instead of carrying on with something we both had created, i decided it would be for the best to end it there .... 

2011 - Midwest-Excelsior Is Born ...

I took everything that i had learned through the years with Kens Casuals and M&R Refinishing and applied it here, to my new company ... successes and failures alike have taught me so much, about myself .. this business and what i need to do to move forward on this journey ...

I truly love this business, the bright colors of each waterpark i visit,  the perfectly kept pools and manicured grounds of each country club, each state we travel to has something new to show us,  the people i have met along the way ... the customers, patrons and regular people on the roads we travel ..  and although some days are hard, and journeys long ... i cannot agree more with Mark Twain and the quote at the top of this page ...

Midwest-Excelsior is a company that offers complete pool  and outdoor furniture refinishing and repair services, this includes, powder coating, vinyl strap  and mesh sling replacement ... broken acrylic table tops? no problem, we can replace them for you as well.

No matter your location ... please contact us today.

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